Putin outdoes Russian Defence Ministry in its lies regarding Ukraine’s military losses



President of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, has voiced unverified figures for the alleged military equipment losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which turned out to be even more inflated than the Russian Defence Ministry’s reports, during the Eastern Economic Forum organised by Russia.

SourceRussian media outlet Meduza

Details: During the forum, Putin claimed that Ukrainian defenders lost 543 tanks and almost 18,000 armoured vehicles of various classes during their counteroffensive. The president did not specify where he got such data.

At the same time, the publication noted that on the eve of the forum, the Russian Defence Ministry alleged in its daily report that 11,779 Ukrainian tanks and other armoured vehicles had been destroyed since the beginning of the full-scale war.

(C)UNIAN 2023


  1. Last week Shoigu claimed Ukraine had 66,000 kia during the counteroffensive. This week Putler increased that to 71,000. Strange that a country losing so many personnel in a couple of months, is still pushing the orcs back.

    • They can’t even count their own dead, how are they going to count Ukraine’s? Its easy to count them in Ukraine just count the funerals. In ruzzia you have to get air samples and figure out the percent of burnt orc in the air samples…
      Besides, this is the regime that accounted for 143% of the voting last time and amazingly predicted the exact outcome of the fake Crimean referendum EXACTLY at 97.7%…

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