Pushilin admitted that the AFU have destroyed all the oil depots in the “DNR” and claimed they were “civilian”

The rise in fuel prices in the “DNR” is linked to the destruction of oil storage facilities due to shelling from the Ukrainian army. This version was voiced by the head of the occupation administration of the “republic”, Denis Pushilin, on a russian propaganda TV channel.

“We currently have an issue with fuel… We have higher prices here than in neighboring regions. Why is that? The enemy has wiped out all our civilian oil depots, and now everything we have is brought by fuel tank trucks. And the price on the market is rising much faster”, – he stated.

(C)OSTROV 2023


    • Bomb their depots, their trucks, their transmission lines, their rigs, their carrier ships and even the repair shops. Putin decided ruzzia was going to be a gas station so after we destroy all that, what will ruzzia be?

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