The pipeline infrastructure that pumped oil to Ukraine has been practically destroyed, – expert

Arthur Kryzhny17:06, 12.09.23

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In addition, the port oil infrastructure is being shelled.

In recent weeks , the pipeline infrastructure that pumped oil to Ukraine has been virtually destroyed due to Russian shelling. In addition, the port infrastructure is suffering from the bombing, which could lead to a “slight shortage of fuel” in Ukraine.

“The pipeline route for the supply of fuel was destroyed several weeks ago. For some reason this is being hushed up, but the oil infrastructure has suffered greatly over the past two weeks,”  Dmitry Leushkin, founder of the Prime gas station network , told UNIAN in an interview.

Thus, according to him, in particular, a pipe was destroyed in the urban-type settlement of Smyga – this is the former “Medvedchuk pipe”, which pumped resources from Hungary to the Rivne region. There was a very big fire there.

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Also, due to Russian shelling, the infrastructure of the Danube ports was damaged. Thus, we may be left with predominantly only automobile fuel supplies, which are a little more expensive and have less capacity. Because of this, there may be a slight shortage of fuel in the country. 

“There will be no crisis, under no circumstances. But prices will rise, since we cannot say that we are 100 percent ready to provide ourselves only with road transport,” said the founder of the Prime gas station chain.

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