The leader of the Republicans in the US Senate spoke sharply about aid to Ukraine

Veronica Prokhorenko19:29, 12.09.23

He addressed fellow party members with an explanation of what the interests of the United States really are.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell sharply emphasized in a speech to his fellow party members why the United States must continue the campaign to arm Ukraine to win the war.

He said Washington’s interest was not in charity or other “abstract principles” associated with altruism. This is a necessity that the United States owes in view of the “boundless friendship” of the Russian Federation with China, he pointed out on the podium of the Senate on September 11.

“I emphasize: it is not we who protect Ukraine from aggression, it is the Ukrainians who do this,” Radio Liberty quotes . 

He called these two dictatorial regimes America’s greatest “enemies” and pointed out that creating further barriers to assistance would only further push Russia and China to deepen their partnership.

It is noted that the Republican leader made a corresponding statement against the backdrop of expected decisions from the US government. U.S. lawmakers are expected to consider President Joe Biden’s request for new support for Ukraine this fall. We are talking about an additional 24 billion dollars in aid – about 13 billion dollars should go to defense spending, and another 11 billion hryvnia will be provided by the United States for humanitarian and economic initiatives.

However, there is currently no unity in the Senate regarding Biden’s intention to do so. One of the main forces that spoke out against support for Ukraine was the Republican Party. Over the summer, about 70 lawmakers tried to block another aid package. Despite the failure of this attempt, criticism from this camp of senators is quite loud.

As McConnell noted, reproaches that the United States should not interfere in the affairs of a country whose territory has been invaded by the enemy neutralize the principle of “protecting Taiwan” and other vulnerable countries.

Separately, he emphasized that without the war in Ukraine, the United States would not have had so many defense orders from Europe and Asia, which are investing money and strengthening America’s defense production capabilities precisely in view of a full-scale invasion of Ukrainian territories. 

“The war in Ukraine has taught the West a very important lesson about the importance of investing in defense industrial capabilities. And, as I said last week, it has funneled billions and billions of dollars into replenishing the American arsenal with American weapons made here by American workers,” the Republican leader said. .

He emphasized that now a new look at “US leadership” should consist of the desire to weaken the military power of the Russian Federation as much as possible. This can be achieved by investing in our own defense industry and helping Ukraine, McConnell believes. 

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