Pistorius answered whether Germany’s decision regarding Taurus missiles for Ukraine depends on the provision of ATACMS

09/12/2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

Germany has not yet decided whether it will supply Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine. And if the United States decides to provide the Ukrainian army with its long-range ATACMS missiles, this will not be a “go-ahead” for Berlin to do the same.

This was stated by German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, writes Reuters. According to him, “there is no automatism in this war.”

The head of the German defense department, Boris Pistorius, said that the supplies of German Taurus and American ATACMS to Ukraine are not related to each other. And if Washington decides to transfer its long-range missiles to Kyiv, this does not mean that Berlin will certainly transfer its Taurus cruise missiles.

“There is no automaticity in this war,” Pistorius told reporters on the sidelines of a visit to Cologne.

He added that discussions about the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine in Germany continue.

Kyiv has repeatedly asked for the provision of these missiles with a range of over 500 km. In response, German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz made it clear that Berlin would act in matters of arms supplies only together with Washington.

While Germany and the United States are considering whether to transfer their long-range missiles to the Ukrainian army, Britain and France have already provided Ukraine with Storm Shadow and Scalp cruise missiles, similar to the Taurus. 

However, it is possible that Washington’s decision regarding the supply of ATACMS is not far off. Thus, the other day the American television channel ABC reported that the United States will most likely supply these missiles to Ukraine for the first time. The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Ermak, also announced “progress in the discussion of ATACMS,” although he refrained from giving details.

“Cruise missiles are difficult to detect on air defense radars because they fly at low altitudes. They are mainly used to hit high-value targets behind enemy lines, such as command bunkers, ammunition and fuel depots, airfields and bridges. Russia uses long-range missiles to hit targets on Ukraine, including civilian infrastructure, and Ukraine has no easy way to respond to such attacks,” Reuters described the reasons why the Ukrainian army needs such weapons.

Let us recall that after the latest statements by Western media that the United States is close to approving the supply of ATACMS missiles with cluster warheads to Ukraine, the Pentagon spoke out on this matter.

They said that they would certainly inform you  if a decision was made. As Pentagon Speaker Pat Ryder noted on Monday, September 11, Washington continues to maintain “close contact” with its allies regarding Ukraine’s defense needs. However, the US now has “nothing new to announce.”

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  1. “There is no automaticity in this war,”

    There we have it again, folks, the same stupid game we saw in the beginning of the year with tanks. Just like school children on a playground, Biden and Scholz are playing “I will if you will” game. Only, this is not a game, but a deadly serious situation, which is costing valuable lives each and every day that they are hesitating.
    We have 566 days of war, and we still don’t have anything resembling decisiveness or courage from our leaders. There should be automatism when a dictatorship brutally attacks a neighbor, especially when this is happening in Europe, for Christ’s sake!

  2. Don’t expect Pistorius to tell the truth on this issue. He won’t expose the lack of leadership by his boss Scholz. But the experiences since February 2022 show that the Chancellor is very much afraid of making bold decisions and always waits for Biden to take initiative. And that’s certainly the case with Taurus, too. Only when the US lead, by delivering ATACMS, will Scholz follow.

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