More Russians willing to surrender after Ukraine’s successful operation with Russian helicopter theft – Defence Intelligence of Ukraine

The number of Russian soldiers who want to surrender to Ukraine has increased by 70% after Ukrainian special services successfully conducted a special operation called Synytsia (Tit), during which Russian pilot Maksim Kuzminov drove a Russian Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine.

Source: Andrii Yusov, representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine on air with Radio Svoboda (Liberty) 

Quote from Yusov: “There is considerable progress on the hotline of I Want to Live and, separately, on other communication channels. After the successful operation Synytsia with the Mi-8 and the pilot, the number of Russian army servicemen considering such a scenario has increased. The number of appeals to the state project I Want to Live jumped by about 70 per cent daily.”

Details: Commenting on the information from Telegram channels that the person who will transfer a MiG fighter to Ukraine will be given US$2 million, Yusov said that “this information is more of a legend and a popular initiative,” but “there will be a reward for a MIG.”

For reference: I Want to Live is a government project of Ukrainian Defence Intelligence designed to help Russian servicemen safely surrender to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and thus survive. The project guarantees the detention of military personnel following the norms of the Geneva Conventions in case of surrender.


  • On 23 August a Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian Armed Forces ended up in Ukraine as a result of a long-term special operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • The pilot remained in Ukraine, and his family was taken there in advance. Now, the pilot and his family are in Ukraine. The Mі-8 stayed in Ukraine, along with the fighter jets parts.

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  1. This is another positive development from the Mi-8 helicopter operation. Not only does it cause more surrenders, but it might bring in more mafia military equipment. This goes even further, for now the roach commanders will be faced with a real problem; will their crewmen return from a mission or will they surrender to the Ukrainians. Such a possibility is very real, as we see, and adds uncertainty to their planning.

    • It could also have another benefit. If russia suspect one of their guys is flying his plane towards Ukraine to surrender, they could shoot it down. Ukraine wins both ways.

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