If Ukraine is a “Nazi State,” Why Are the World’s Nazis #Lining Up Behind Russia?

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Sept 11

Vladimir Putin moronic #myth of Ukraine being a “Nazi State” is not just a lie, it’s an #outdated lie. He couldn’t even conjure up a fresh one. The “Ukraine = Nazis” #myth has been the Kremlin’s go-to justification for their barbarism in Ukraine since Josef #Stalin first established the narrative in 1939 (Applebaum, p. 344).

Russia’s history of Neo-Nazism, ironically enough, goes back to shortly after the Nazi invasion of Russia. Disciples of the late Adolf Hitler began appearing in Russia in the 1950’s, according to Russian sources (Charny). While some of these early neo-Nazis were merely fans of the hyper-militant aesthetic of the Nazis (it’s easy to spot the Soviet fondness for mirror-sheen jackboots, Sam Browne belts and Nordic suit collars), most were actual devotees who found that Hitler’s “master race” mentality dovetailed nicely with Russia’s long-standing belief that the Russian People had a “Divine Mission” to subjugate the world (cited earlier by Philotheus). They simply expanded the definition of “Aryan” to include “anyone White who has beef with Washington.”

By 1970, this recurring theme of Russian exceptionalism had intertwined with Russian Orthodoxy (a surprising combination to be sure, given the USSR’s Atheist stance) to form a belief in the “moral superiority” of Russia over the supposedly decadent and degenerate West. This attitude was encapsulated by the author A. M. Ivanov in a pamphlet entitled Word of the Nation. This pamphlet, which read like a mix of Mein Kampf and basically any speech Vladimir Putin has ever given, was riddled with complaints against what the author called “infringement of the rights of the Russian people,” including a “Jewish monopoly in science and culture”. It also decried the so-called “biological degeneration of the white race,” and called for “real Russians by blood and spirit” to rise up and take over first Russia, then the entire USSR, then the world. An expanded version, released later in 1981, referred to the US as “a tool to achieve world black supremacy” and reiterated the longstanding chorus of Russia’s ‘special mission to save world civilization.’….

In 2021, almost a year before Putin’s so-called “De-Nazification operation” began in Ukraine, Lukas Andriukaitis of Lithuanian news outlet #ResPublica published an eye-poppingly in-depth article citing the Nazi insignia covering Wagner Group’s uniforms and vehicles and Nazi protocols observed within their ranks. Among the upper echelons, the signature for official correspondence is “Heil Petrovich,” referring to another of the group’s founding members (Korotkov).

❗️An investigative report with nearly 30 #sources is here :



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  1. I think this is an interesting and thoughtful article. Frankly IMHO there are Nazis and Neo-Nazis throughout the world. We can point to any country and find them. The big difference between other countries and the Moskali is that these orcs have over three hundred years of imperialistic ambitions and attitudes which only increases the atrocity of being a nazi in Moskali by ten fold. Theirs is not a hatred of Jews or blacks or others, it’s a hatred for anything and anyone that does not think and feel like a Moskali. This hoarde needs to be eliminated. It’s that simple IMO. I know this sounds awful but unlike 1930s Germany, this attitude is now inbred for centuries.

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