Experts Say What’s Wrong With Artillery Shells from North Korea

It’s too early for Moscow to rejoice: RUSI Research Fellow Hinton says that the quality of North Korean projectiles may be poor because the ammunition requires sophisticated production lines to produce.

12 September 2023

According to military analysts, if North Korea provides Russia with artillery shells and other weapons to wage war against Ukraine, this could help the occupying Russian forces replenish their ammunition stocks, but is unlikely to change the course of the conflict.

This was reported by the Dubai Arabic-language news channel  Al Arabiya , citing interviewed Western military experts. According to SIPRI senior researcher Simon Wiseman, to have minimum reserves for all of its 100-152mm artillery, North Korea would need to have at least millions of rounds, and significant production capacity would be required to replenish the ammunition fired during exercises or demonstrations.

RUSI researcher Patrick Hinton hints in his report that the quality of shells from North Korea may be low, since the production of artillery ammunition requires sophisticated production lines.

Poor quality ammunition will become a serious problem for the Russian military. “Poorly manufactured ammunition will have unstable characteristics – flight behavior may be affected, leading to reduced accuracy; poor-quality fuses may lead to premature firing; shelf life may be reduced if the contents are poorly manufactured,” the expert notes.

All munitions must be manufactured to high specifications, he said, otherwise they could land where they weren’t expected, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Earlier, the Russian military attacked its own units with artillery strikes, and intercepted conversations between those who came under attack were published on the Internet.

Let us remind you that  Kim Jong-un is ready to negotiate with Putin on the supply of ammunition to Russia, of which it is experiencing a shortage.


  1. For the life of me, I simply can’t imagine that North Korean-made ammo has anything even resembling quality. I can see the mafia artillery’s accuracy being more rotten than ever before. Not to mention having X amount of gun barrels to do like banana splits and eliminate their own crews. These things could be a blessing in disguise.
    But, we’ll see how many rounds the little fat boy is willing to part with and how many of them will blow up spectacularly before reaching the front lines.

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