Cynicism of the highest level: Putin condemned the Soviet invasion of Hungary and Czechoslovakia

Yuri Kobzar14:18, 12.09.23

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In 2022, Putin tried to repeat the Soviet scenario in Ukraine with the suppression of the Prague Spring of 1968.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has raised the bar of cynicism to a new level. The man who unleashed the largest war in Europe in the last 70 years said that the entry of Soviet troops into Hungary in 1956 and into Czechoslovakia in 1968 was a mistake. 

“We have already recognized that this part of the policy of the Soviet Union was erroneous and only led to tension in relations. You cannot do anything in the field of foreign policy that is in clear conflict with the interests of other peoples,” Putin said.

For some reason, the most cynical of the living dictators did not specify how systematic Russian attacks on Kherson, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kiev, Kramatorsk and other cities are in the “interests” of the Ukrainian people.

Putin about Budapest and PraguePutin about Budapest and Prague

Soviet invasion of Hungary

The Hungarian uprising of 1956 is the most tragic page in the post-war history of Hungary. Against the background of the internal political crisis in the Communist Party of Hungary, student youth began a democratic revolution, which had every chance of winning and overthrowing the power of the communists.

In order to prevent a change of power in Hungary and the country leaving its influence, the USSR launched a military operation against Hungary. In fact, real battles broke out using aviation, armored vehicles and artillery between the Hungarian rebels and Soviet troops. The epicenter of the fighting was Budapest, which had not really had time to recover after WWII. 

According to estimates, up to 3 thousand Hungarian rebels and up to 700 Soviet soldiers died in these battles. As a result, the uprising was suppressed, and Hungary remained in the Kremlin’s orbit until 1989.

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  1. “…You cannot do anything in the field of foreign policy that is in clear conflict with the interests of other peoples”

    Once again the worst part of all this….the moronic Moskali actually believe this bullshit. Wonder if these comments are only meant to appease the other European idiot….. Orban.

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