Biden impeachment: House Speaker orders opening of investigation

Anastasia Pechenyuk19:17, 12.09.23

The Biden family and associates received nearly $20 million “through shell companies,” Republicans say.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Republican Kevin McCarthy, has ordered a House committee to launch a formal investigation that could launch the impeachment process of President Joe Biden. 

According to The Guardian, McCarthy said his decision to instruct a House committee to launch a formal impeachment inquiry was not taken lightly. At the same time, he called it a “logical step.” 

“Through our investigation, we discovered that President Biden did lie to the American people about what he knew about his family’s foreign partners. Eyewitness accounts indicate that the President communicated on the phone and had numerous interactions, dinners that led to his son and his business partners received millions of dollars,” the House Speaker said.

McCarthy added that there is allegedly confirmation that the Biden family and associates received almost $20 million “through shell companies.” 

Impeachment of Joe Biden – you need to know this

The Republican-majority House of Representatives previously announced its intention to conduct an investigation that would focus on the alleged criminal activities of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The focus is on Hunter’s foreign business dealings and possible bribery, corruption, or abuse of power by his father to enrich his son. 

In early September, it became known that the White House had created a task force of two dozen lawyers, legislative aides and public relations staff to respond to a possible Republican impeachment initiative.

For Biden to be formally indicted, a majority of members of the House of Representatives, where Republicans have a slight advantage, and two-thirds of the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, must vote in favor. The likelihood that impeachment will gain support is assessed as low.

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  1. This is so stupid. I’m no Biden fan but this shit needs to stop. Tired of seeing which party gets one up on the other. Fuckin nuts. These kind of games just takes away the seriousness when it’s really needed. IMHO.

  2. “Eyewitness accounts indicate that the President communicated on the phone and had numerous interactions”

    And those same eyewitness accounts said that there was no business conversation – just general niceties and conversation in genera, about the geography, about the weather, whatever.

    “the Biden family and associates”

    But not President Biden. Republicans have found:

    • No bank records showing payments to the president.

    • No suspicious activity reports alleging potential misconduct by the president or that he is involved in his son’s business dealings.

    • No witnesses testifying to misconduct by the president.

    Lots of Republican politicians are saying that they shouldn’t start talking about impeachment until and unless they find any actual wrongdoing by President Biden. But, McCarthy’s gotta keep MTG happy,

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