Will Trump support Putin if he returns to the White House: Zelensky’s forecast

Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk 11:07, 09/11/23 UNIAN

The President of Ukraine expects that Biden, if he wins the US elections again, will continue to support our country.

Vladimir Zelensky explained why Vladimir Putin has no chance of supporting Donald Trump if he again becomes President of the States / photo UNIAN
Vladimir Zelensky explained why Vladimir Putin has no chance of supporting Donald Trump if he again becomes President of the States / photo UNIAN

Former US President Donald Trump, if he wins the new American elections, will not support Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

The leader of the Russians has no chance of supporting Trump, since “this is not what strong Americans do,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky shared his forecast in an interview with The Economist magazine. “Trump would never support Putin…” said the head of state.

According to Zelensky, he expects that the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, will continue to support Kyiv if he becomes president of the United States for the second time.

What Donald Trump said about the Russian war against Ukraine

The former US President believes that Vladimir Putin wanted to make a deal before a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Trump said that it would be possible to “give up on Crimea” and on joining NATO .

Additionally, he said that in a worst-case scenario, he could negotiate to give the Russians “something to take, there are certain areas that, frankly, are Russian-speaking, but that would be a deal . “

Trump argued that if he had served as President of the United States, Putin would not have carried out a full-scale invasion of the Ukrainian state .

Help from UNIAN. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the November 2020 US presidential election. New US presidential elections are due to take place in November 2024.



      • Are you trying to make a point or just cast more insults for political reasons? Find something you disagree with in my statement and be an adult. You don’t think Zelensky is informed? Make a point, Leftist.

          • That’s what I thought, you have nothing. Fair warning, keep it up with your fucking insults and I will start deleting your comments. If you can’t make a fucking point find somewhere else to spread your poison.

            • Bert is incredibly rude to everyone. Me in particular. But he is a “known quantity” and supportive of Ukraine.
              However, this fuckwit “Thomas Alborough” is a troll; very likely a putinaZi.

              • I don’t understand the political Left. It is their fucking religion. They would do or say anything in the name of their religion. Despite their claims of tolerance they are the least tolerant. If they disagree with someone that person must die. MUCH like Stalin but they don’t even realize it. He’s just another keyboard warrior but I’m about to shove his Karl Marx and Chairman fucking Mau statues down his little scrawny throat and show him a little American liberty. How’s that for tolerance…..?

                • I look at it this way:
                  I started out with an intense loathing of the quasi-Marxist left and still have it. Especially the *Tankies. (Examples : JeremIRA CorbLenin/George Galloway in the U.K. and Noam Chomsky/RFK Jr in the US.
                  Liberals I quite like, because like me, they value freedom.
                  Socialists and their cousins national socialists I really hate, because they want to control every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.
                  Socialists are basically communists with better PR and the sly ability to convince their fans that they exist for the good of the people.
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                  I would characterise Bert as left of centre, rather than socialist. He may be on the Asperger’s spectrum too. A sufferer “inappropriately approaches a social interaction by being passive, aggressive or disruptive.”
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                  *Tankies are making a comeback. I will post an article about the UK trade union movement. Since the 1960’s, it has been infiltrated by Irish communists, who are again making themselves heard: by calling wave after wave of strikes and showing their pro-putler credentials.
                  Like in America, UK union bosses enjoy luxurious lifestyles. I’d say Russian money is part of it.

                  • I have an affinity for fairness but I’m not sure that shows very often. As we both know, freedom is not free but we ought to have the right to switch off the TV program if we don’t like it. Like the Bert channel.
                    So, what do you think is my inexplicable weakness?

                    • I think you already know!
                      But we won’t go into it. I have no wish for another unpleasant exchange.
                      Apart from that one thing, any differences between us are minor and I prefer to stick with the thing we are united on:
                      Slava Ukraini!

            • “you have nothing.”

              Did you miss his first reply, where he wrote, “What about Trump’s explicit stance on aid to Ukraine?” ?

              • Its a negotiating position. I don’t think its right but its his opening position in case he does have to negotiate. Putin’s negotiating position is nuking the world. Both opening positions are ridiculous but that’s how it goes.

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  2. I hope that Zelensky knows what he’s talking about. When looking back at what the orange one has said in the past, I have my doubts. Trump certainly must first relearn his history and geography lessons.

      • I’ve asked you once before, and you still haven’t answered me, so I will ask you again. What about those quotes from the orange one? What do they tell you about his purpose for Ukraine?

    • Absolutely, starting from scratch. I doubt its as bad as the media and the wannabe pundits say it is though. With Trump, everything is a deal which means he takes outrageous positions to start with.

      • There is hope that you and others that think like you are right. I don’t mind at all being proven wrong on this.

        • I don’t look at it in terms of right or wrong, our intentions here are always right, but what’s good for Ukraine? I have hope Trump will understand when he speaks with Zelensky, Trump would do for the USA as Zelensky is doing for Ukraine.

  3. “this is not what strong Americans do”

    I think that Zelensky is being shrewd. He knows that Trump would sell out Ukraine in a heartbeat. He also knows that Trump wants to appear strong. So, he’s playing on that.

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