Update from Ukraine: Denys Davydov (video)


Ukraine Plans to encircle Ruzzian group on the South | Z-army leaves Opytne

Denys Davydov Telegram Channel https://t.me/pilotblog

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  1. A hell of a lot of ground covered in this video.
    Denny references the WSJ report about some F16 pilots being ready by this winter.
    Insider also has this story:

    Ukraine says it could have a small group of trained combat pilots ready to fly F-16s by the winter:


    Why can’t Ukraine recruit F16-trained international volunteers and ground crew?

    Milley is also mentioned; being his negative self as usual: Let’s hope his replacement; Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr, will be a whole lot better.

    Denny also states his belief that this war will go on for years. Depressingly he is probably right. Removing orc vermin from Ukrainian land won’t end it. It looks like it will continue until putlerism is dead and the cauldron of devilry becomes a civilized democracy.

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