In Donetsk, a “military correspondent” – the traitor Dubovoy – was shot down to death (video)

Katerina Chernovol20:06, 11.09.23

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He defected to the invaders in 2014.

In temporarily occupied Donetsk, collaborator Gennady Dubovoy was shot down to death. He sided with the invaders in 2014 and fought against Ukraine. 

Russian propaganda public pages write about this. Recently, Dubovoy has been disseminating Russian propaganda as a “military correspondent of the DPR.” 

It is known that the traitor was 56 years old. The Russians write that during his “service” to the occupiers, he managed to take part “in all the battles of Novorossiya, except for the Debaltsevo operation (due to being wounded at the airport).”

Dubovoy’s collaborator was shot down and killed in Donetsk

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    • In Finland, the news claim that Dubovoy was killed by driven over by a military vehicle when he was going to visit a flower shop. True?

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