Hundreds of Ukrainian military equipment pieces “destroyed” by Russia are fake

Russian forces have destroyed several hundreds of exact replicas of advanced American and European military developments, produced by the Ukrainian Metinvest company.

Source: CNN

Ukraine is actively switching howitzers, tanks, mortars and radars with replicas to make the Russians spend drones, missiles and ammunition in vain, CNN reports.

A Ukrainian steel and mining company Metinvest is producing the replicas.

Quote: “After each hit, the military gives us trophy wreckage. We collect them. If our decoy was destroyed, then we did not work in vain,” a Metinvest representative told CNN.

The goal of this is to save lives and trick the Russians into wasting their extremely expensive kamikaze drones, projectiles and missiles.

“War is expensive and we need the Russians to spend money using drones and missiles to destroy our decoys,” Metinvest’s press secretary explained.

For instance, a 155-mm M777 howitzer that is in service in many NATO countries and being used in Ukraine now costs up to US$4 million, and Metinvest makes its replica from ordinary sewer pipes for just $1,000.

So far, hundreds of such replicas have been targeted.

“We do not count the number of decoys produced, but the number of those destroyed, and this is the main thing for us. The sooner our decoys are destroyed, the better for us,” the press secretary said.

Background: Back in 2022, Metinvest accepted the contract of the military and managed to quickly set up the production of dummies.


  1. “So far, hundreds of such replicas have been targeted.”

    After each decoy is hit, Putler gets a report on how many pieces of equipment his trash army have destroyed.

    • Do orcs get medals for the destruction of decoys? It would be a part of their Potemkin Village philosophy, after all.

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