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Sept 11

Just a reminder: 1 year ago Ukrainian army liberated the city of Izium from Russian army, and found mass graves there. 451 bodies of civilians (198 men, 212 women, 7 children) and 22 soldiers were found in mass graves. In particular, DNA examinations confirmed that the mass burial contained the body of the children’s writer Volodymyr Vakulenko, who was shot by the invaders.

58 bodies found in mass graves could not be identified. It means that their relatives and friends, won’t know what happened to them.

During the examination of exhumed bodies, experts discovered gunshot wounds in 15 victims, explosive injuries in 87, signs of torture in at least 15 (specifically, they were found with tied hands and ropes around their necks), and 23 had fractures of the jaws, skull bones, arms, and ribs. So they were not accidentally killed, but were intentionally executed, and tortured before that. Like in Middle Ages.

And there are many places like that. I am sure thare are many such mass graves on the currently occupied territories. So whoever proposing negotiations with people (?) that did it all, are moral cripples, no matter what status they have. We demand UN experts who say “there is no genocide in Ukraine” come here and say it while looking into the eyes of the relatives and friends of victims.


An earlier post on a related topic; genocide, from Volodymyr:

Sept 7

Russians like saying so much that Crimea β€œwas always Russian”. This is historical nonsense. Just 100 years ago Russians were not dominant ethnicity there, they changed it through genocide, as always. That land was native to Crimean Tatars. Now there are just 300000 of them in Ukraine, but they have a glorious and tragic history.

They came to Crimea in 10th century and gradually absorbed other ethnicities, including Greeks, Italians, Armenians, Goths, Sarmatians, and others. At the beginning of the 13th century they became the part of Golden Horde, but in the next century, they separated themselves as an independent state.

And after Golden Horde broke out, Crimeans became the sovereigns of… Moscow. Once Moskowia refused to pay tribute to them and violated the oath given to the Giray dynasty, attacked the lands of the Crimean Khanate, invaded the Crimea and burned villages and towns in the Western and Eastern Crimea, with many Crimean Tatars captured or killed. As response, in 1571 Khan Devlet Giray burned the Moskow down. And tsar Ivan 4th (yes, the Terrible one) swore loyalty to Crimeans and agreed to pay tribute further. They paid it till 1700ties.

With Ukrainians, the relations were mixed. Sometimes we were allies, sometimes fought each other, depending on relations with other neighbors. In the 17th century, the Crimean Tatars helped Ukrainian Cossacks led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky in the struggle for independence, which allowed them to win several decisive victories over Polish troops. But before that, they were often raiding Ukrainian lands.

Then Moskovia came… In 1711, Peter I of Russia tried to conquer them but lost. Yet, they did not give up trying, they never do. The Russo-Turkish War (1768–74) resulted in the defeat of the Ottomans by the Russians (well, many of those β€œRussians” were Ukrainians). After the annexation, the wealthier Tatars moved to the Ottoman Empire. Even now, most of Crimeans live in Turkey.

But the hardest blow was delivered by commies. In 1921, over 100,000 Crimean Tatars starved to death, and tens of thousands of Tatars fled to Turkey or Romania. Thousands more were deported or killed during the collectivization in 1928–29. Between 1917 and 1933, 150,000 Tatarsβ€”about 50% of the population at the timeβ€”either were killed or forced out of Crimea.

And in 1944, 240,000 Crimean Tatars were deported in cargo trains like cattle and moved to central Asia. Many died on their ways there. The song β€œ1944” of Jamala, winner of Eurovision 2016, was about those events. She was singing about the suffering of her people. Russia was protesting against that song, they did not want anyone to know about that genocide.

When Ukraine gained independence, some of them returned to the land of their grandfathers with the hope of new life. But in 2014, Russia came again. Tatars are persecuted and discriminated, many of them are in prison. Many are fighting in Ukrainian army. The new Ukrainian minister of Defence is also a Crimean Tatar.

Comment from Volodymyr:

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  1. As we commemorate yet another year gone by since the terrible events of 9/11, we have to try to comprehend that Ukraine is suffering from the cumulative equivalent of a 9/11 almost every week since Feb 2022.
    I remember at the time the writer and lawyer Andrew Vachss correctly saying β€œNYC has been attacked by degenerates.”
    Putler’s subhuman degenerates make the izlamo-nazis seem almost like normal people.

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