Day 565| Operator Starsky 🇺🇦 (video)


About Operator Starsky: My name is Starsky, I’m a Ukrainian National Guardsman, blogger, and warhipster. I dedicate this channel to the international community of people who support Ukraine in it’s liberating struggle against Russian aggression.


  1. A very sombre topic, which OS handles with his usual “ warhipster” style. How he keeps his dry humour is incredible.
    He referred humorously to the latest putinaZi mobilisation plans.
    I had an exchange with Dagwood Bumstead on UA Wire on this topic:

    Can Putin the Pedo even properly equip and train 700,000 men? Many will now decide to leave Dwarfstan, legally or illegally, with catastrophic effects on the labour force and the already shaky economy.

    The putinaZi horde started with 180-200,000 orcs. c. 235,000 got smoked, but Ukraine commanders estimate that 440,000 orcs are now polluting Ukraine,
If true, it’s a staggering number and is an indication of the game plan of the putler murder gang: overwhelm Ukraine with sheer numbers. 
It hardly matters how badly trained, reluctant or ill-equipped they are, it’s a massive, massive headache for the defenders, who immediately need ten times the firepower they have now to deal with such ginormous numbers. 
Ukraine will need 1.5m combat troops. The numbers can and should be ramped up by mercs and a new drive for trained recruits from the diaspora.

    Dagwood :
    The recent supply of cluster ammo- which Kyiv didn’t have previously- should help in cutting down the Kolorads. A huge supply of machine guns and ammo- Browning M2s, MG3s etc etc- should also help.

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