Medvedev broke down due to US sanctions: he promised a nuclear attack on the “twin towers”

Veronika Prokhorenko16:09, 10.09.23

The former president of the Russian Federation called the Americans “sacred cows”.

The Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmytro Medvedev, “broke” because of American sanctions and promised a repeat of the terrorist attack on September 11 on the eve of the tragic date for the United States.

In particular, he hinted  at the possibility of a new “action” with the destruction of the “twin towers”, but already at the expense of an atomic or biological strike. It is about the terrorist attack of 2001, which was carried out by the “Taliban” movement. Planes crashed into the building of New York’s largest mall, killing about 3,000 people. 

“I don’t want to call out, but they will wait until at some point the terrorists will again carry out an attack in the style of 11/09/2001, but with an atomic or biological component,” Medvedev laughed at the USA.

He called the American nation “sacred cows” that protect their own assets and introduce “illegal sanctions against Russia.”

“Don’t touch the Americans, they are “sacred cows”, even if they are experienced spies, drug addicts shaking in abstinence, or pedophiles with saliva in the corners of their mouths. And so in everything,” said the former president of the Russian Federation.

He pointed out that sooner or later the leaders of the nuclear countries will “give up their nerve” and then the US will pay for its “rudeness” and “narcissism”.

“All that remains is to collect money for a new monument in the Ground Zero area. In the best case. And in the worst case – the wreaths will simply be lowered into the water…”, fantasized a supporter of the war in Ukraine.

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  1. What a fuckin sick bastard asshole. And this represents their country. Trump et al why don’t you guys just go there.

  2. First off the twin towers are gone. Second it wasn’t the taliban it was al-qaeda. Someone needs to pass him a nice cup of mushroom vodka.

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