Kremlin propagandists were not allowed into Macron’s press conference: the Russian Foreign Ministry “screamed” about racism

Anastasia Gorbacheva21:35, 10.09.23

Maria Zakharova has already demanded an apology from France.

Russian propagandists were not allowed into the press conference of French President Emmanuel Macron as part of the G20 summit in New Delhi. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already announced “French Russophobia” and “racism.”

It is noted that Russia News editor-in-chief Ekaterina Nadolskaya tried to “break through” to the event, but security did not let her in. Footage released by Russian media shows that the man blocked the propagandist and refused to let her through, which is why she began to argue with him.

“Why can’t Russian journalists get to Macron? Why is this impossible? Why only others, not Russian ones? Is this discrimination?” – asked Nadolskaya.

In turn, the security guard said that he did not know the reasons for her exclusion from the event.

“I don’t know why this is impossible for you,” the man replied.

Soon one of the employees of the press service came up and said to Nadolskaya: “You know why.”

Russian propagandists were not allowed to attend Macron’s press conference in IndiaRussian propagandists were not allowed to attend Macron’s press conference in India

It is worth noting that RIA Novosti propagandists also complained that they were not allowed to attend the event, citing the fact that the hall was completely full.

The speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, has already responded to the scandal. She claimed “racial discrimination” and demanded an apology from Paris. At the same time, she was indignant at the fact that “no one prevented” a France-Presse correspondent from attending a press conference by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of the summit.

will ultimately play against her guides. We also consider what happened as a blatant manifestation of racism and aggressive nationalism, since the incident is based on an act of discrimination based on nationality,” –was given out by Zakharova.

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