“He will not be arrested for anything”: Silva vouched for Putin as president of Brazil

Veronika Prokhorenko11:21, 10.09.23

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The Brazilian leader “opened” the door for Putin to the G20 summit in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian President Inácio Lula da Silva assured that Putin can freely go to the G20 summit in Rio de Janeiro (2023) without fearing that he will be arrested.

In this way, the politician publicly ignored the warrant for the arrest of the leader of the Russian Federation, which was issued by the International Criminal Court in The Hague on March 17, 2022. Silva vouched for Putin in comments to journalists during his stay in Delhi, Reuters cites . India is hosting the G20 summit there this year.

Silva said that he would ensure an “easy” visit of the President of the Russian Federation, as the leader of Brazil. During his presidency, Putin “will not be arrested for anything,” he emphasized.

 “I believe that Putin can easily go to Brazil. I can tell you that if I am the president of Brazil and he comes to Brazil, he will not be arrested for anything,” said da Silva.

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    • The last time Vladolf went to one of these meetings nobody even wanted to talk to him or sit with him. No wonder he hasn’t been back since. He’s about as popular as Ebola.

  1. Remember the movie: The Boys From Brazil?
    It was about nazi scum like Dr Mengele, who found a home from home in Brazil.
    Nothing changed.
    da Silva is the latest in a long line of Brazilian nazi sympathizers. He should fuck off, eat shit and die.

  2. I am not sure that the Brazilian justice system perceives things this way.

    Brazil is a signatory to the Rome Statutes.

    No president in Brazil has the power to prevent an arrest (ICC). You can imagine that if the judges are not afraid of putting their own president in prison, they will not be embarrassed to lock up an ORC psychopath!

    It’s just that bastard Lula needs to express his love for his favorite Nazi. In the mafia you have to love the godfather in all circumstances!

  3. If M. Kuzminov pilots the orc president’s plane. I agree 🙂

    “Dear passenger, we are flying actually at extremely low altitude in radio silence mode.
    we are approaching our destination. you will not regret it at all” 🙂

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