The Russians launched drones over Ukraine: details from the Air Force

Kateryna Chernoval00:16, 10.09.23

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Enemy drones are approaching the Kyiv region.

The Russian occupiers launched attack drones over Ukraine. An alarm was declared in the northern regions due to the threat of an attack. 

This is reported by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The first report about enemy drones in the sky over Ukraine appeared around 23:08 – the threat of an attack was announced for the Sumy region. 

“We remind you! It is possible to spread alarms based on the vector of movement of strike UAVs. If an air alarm is announced in your area, go to the shelter.VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay Video

Around 11:54 p.m. , the military warned residents of Nizhyn and Pryluk, Chernihiv region, about the threat. They were urged to stay in shelters.

Updated at 00:03:  A group of strike UAVs is approaching the Kyiv region from Chernihiv Oblast, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces  reported .

As of 00:10, the map of air alarms looks like this: 


Updated at 00:17:  Threat of enemy use of attack UAVs in Poltava region. An air alert has been announced there. 

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  1. Updated at 00:17: Threat of enemy use of attack UAVs in Poltava region. An air alert has been announced there.

    Updated at 00:36: Strike drones are moving in the direction of Luben and Myrhorod of the Poltava region, the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian SSR reported.

    Updated 00:54: Enemy attack UAVs are approaching the Zhytomyr region.

    Meanwhile, residents of Poltava Oblast were warned about the missile danger.

    Updated at 01:01: “Kyiv region! Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been detected in the airspace. Air defense forces are working on targets. Stay in shelters and other safe places during the air alert signal. Observe informational silence – do not record and post the work of our defenders on the network.” – stated in Kyiv OVA.

    At the same time, an air alert was announced in Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions.

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