Putin said he wants to cooperate with the DPRK “on all fronts”

Marta Hychko12:51, 09/09/23

The statement came amid rumors that the two countries are negotiating arms deals.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin seeks to strengthen ties with North Korea “on all fronts.”

As  Bloomberg reports , the president of the Russian Federation demonstrates his commitment to the DPRK and interest in cooperation against the background of international isolation due to the war in Ukraine.

“With joint efforts, we will continue to develop bilateral relations on all fronts. This fully corresponds to the interests of our peoples,” Putin wrote in a telegram to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, published on the Kremlin’s website on Saturday. 

Kim Jong Un is expected to arrive in Russia for a meeting with Putin in Vladivostok early next week. The meeting will take place amid media reports that the Russian leader is looking for ammunition and other weapons to continue the war in Ukraine.

In return, North Korea is asking Russia for advanced technology for satellites and nuclear submarines, as well as food aid. The US has said arms talks are progressing and has warned North Korea of ​​penalties for any arms shipments.

Putin and Kim held their first official meeting in April 2019, when the North Korean leader arrived in Vladivostok in a luxurious armored train. The possible new trip would be Kim’s first outside the Korean Peninsula since his last meeting with Putin four years ago.

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