George Bush told how Putin insulted him during a personal meeting

Yury Kobzar23:56, 09/09/23

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The Russian dictator mocked the American president’s pet.

George W. Bush, who was president of the United States from 2001 to 2009, told how Russian dictator Vladimir Putin insulted him when he started mocking his beloved dog. Bush mentioned this story during a speech via video link at the Yalta European Strategy forum, which took place on September 8-9 in Kyiv, writes “Evropeyska Pravda” .

“He saw my terrier and said: ‘Is it a dog?’ Then in Moscow he offered to show me his dog. I agreed, and he showed me a big dog, saying that it would easily handle mine. I was surprised and said that this offends me. To which Putin only asked: “Why?” – said Bush. 

According to the ex-president of the USA, this story well illustrates Putin’s character. 

“He always wants to demonstrate his strength. Instead, he considered Russia a weakened state and therefore was offended by the whole world,” says Bush. 

The former American leader also assures that he looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his nature.

“He was infected with power and lust for money,” Bush said.

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  1. Wasn’t it Bush that looked into Putin’s eye and saw his heart or something. Then McCain mocked that comment by saying he saw KGB. Now Bush seems to be singing a different tune. I could be wrong

  2. Looked into his eyes & saw his soul. The Nazi scum only smirked in response, as if to say that would be impossible.

    • That’s it…it was his soul…changed his tune, which I’m glad he did. We can all be wrong at times, just be nice if politicians admitted it every once in a while.

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