Explosion and fires in Crimea: new details have appeared (photo, video)

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In particular, a military unit of the Russian Federation broke out in Simferopol.

A military unit caught fire in Simferopol / screenshot
A military unit caught fire in Simferopol / screenshot

In the afternoon on Saturday, September 9, a military unit caught fire in Simferopol, temporarily occupied by Russia .

Local authorities publish a video of the fire and report that an explosion was heard in the city shortly before that. There is information that the Russian military unit is on fire on the street. Kalinin.

“At first there was smoke, and then the sounds of gunfire rang out,” writes the Crimean Wind public.

Updated at 18:30 . It is reported that the fire occurred in the area of ​​fuel tank warehouses.

They “leaked” us a document with a plan of the Russian military unit on the street. Kalinin in Simferopol. The fire or “cotton fire” happened in the area of ​​warehouses where fuel tanks are stored. In general, residents of nearby houses are advised to stay away from this place,” the Crimean Wind public reports.

It is also noted that on September 9, a fire also broke out in Feodosia: “We are informed that on Mount Tepe-Oba in Feodosia, where the fire is, the Air Defense Service may be located – the view from there is too good. We are crossing our fingers.”

Fire in Feodosia / photo t.me/Crimeanwind
Fire in Feodosia / photo t.me/Crimeanwind

A military unit caught fire in Crimea – video

Shooting in SimferopolShooting in Simferopol

Oleg Kryuchkov, an adviser to the Gauleiter of the annexed Crimea, called the fire in the military unit in Simferopol “an ordinary domestic outbreak.”

A military unit is on fire in occupied SimferopolA military unit is burning in occupied Simferopol

What is needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate Crimea – an opinion

We will remind, the general of the army of Ukraine, the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Mykola Malomuzh, said that Ukraine needs to liberate Crimea, which is temporarily occupied by Russia.

Answering the question of whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine have enough resources to take out all enemy targets on the peninsula, the general noted that Ukraine “has already achieved such resources”, but its arsenal can be significantly strengthened by Taurus and ATACMS missiles.

According to him, in order to overcome the defense structures of the Russian Federation in Crimea, the Armed Forces need long-range missile systems, howitzers of foreign and domestic production and massive drone attacks, but already heavy ones.


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