Military Expert: Russian Troops ‘Lost’ Their Southern Flanks

Ukrainian forces are ready to break through the Russian second defence line.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine are expanding the breach of the Southern Front. Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War report that the Ukrainian defenders managed to block the 7th Airborne Division troops in the western part of the Zaporizhzhia region, and the infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the Russian defences and their “dragon’s teeth” west of Verbove.

Where can be the possible location to penetrate the operational space and cut the land corridor to Crimea? journalists addressed the question to Ukrainian military expert Oleksandr Musiyenko, head of the Centre for Military and Legal Studies.

– They will certainly break it through. It will definitely happen. The liberation of Rabotyne, the advance on Verbove and more – this is a further search for weaknesses in the Russian defences. I am sure that there will be weaknesses in this direction.

I would like to draw attention to the fact that the Russian troops failed to resist and gain a foothold on the flanks. They lost the flanks, and the Ukrainian troops are expanding their foothold and there is a prospect of a breakthrough there.

At the same time, it is interesting that in addition to the fact that, indeed, the main efforts are concentrated in the Melitopol direction, quite active actions continue in the Berdiansk direction and others.

That is, the Ukrainian troops are performing a complicated task. On the one hand, they are penetrating the defence line, and on the other, they are expanding the foothold to block certain Russian troops. A complex offensive operation is underway.

Of course, not everything is as quick and simple as it seems, but nevertheless, I think that over time (I’m not ready to name the time period), it will end with a successful breakthrough of the second Russian defence line.

– Will it be possible to penetrate their third defence line later?

– The Russian third defence line will be formal. You see, they are now throwing everything they have there. They redeployed the 74th Artillery Brigade from Crimea a few days ago. Russia is already fighting at the full capacity of its resources. Russia still has them, but not unlimited. I think that the third line will end with an exodus to Crimea.

– And then the so-called goodwill gestures, as it was during the liberation of the Kharkiv and Kherson regions?

– I do not rule it out, but this will not happen due to the “goodwill” of the occupiers, but as a result of the powerful fire impact and offensive actions of the Ukrainian troops. The only way.

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  1. “Will it be possible to penetrate their third defence line later?”

    The cockroaches have done what they could to defend the first line, they are doing what they can to defend their second line, and so the third line will be virtually empty of meat puppets. We’ll see what others they can find to feed the meat grinder. Maybe Tucker, Steven Seagal, Ram-ass-wamy, Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the other assholes could volunteer and form a special Butt Hole battalion and die for their little fascist master.

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