British aviation began to protect civilian vessels in the Black Sea from Russian attack

Yury Kobzar20:25, 09/08/23

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The British are concerned that the Russians may attack civilian vessels.

Aircraft of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain began patrolling the waters of the Black Sea . According to the plan of the British government, this should deter Russia from striking ships carrying Ukrainian grain.

In the press release , which was distributed by the press service of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, it is stated that after withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Russia declared as its legal target all vessels bound for Ukraine, regardless of cargo. In August, to reinforce their threat, the Russians fired on and landed a landing party on a civilian ship headed for one of the Ukrainian ports on the Danube.

The British government said London had used its intelligence capabilities, including aerial surveillance, to monitor Russia’s activities in the Black Sea.

“As part of these surveillance operations, Royal Air Force aircraft are flying over the area to deter Russia from illegally striking civilian vessels carrying grain,” the statement said.

It is noted that the British seek to prevent not only an open attack on civilian ships, but also provocations “under a foreign flag”.

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  1. Well this will keep the boys of the Beach for a while and about time too.

    They’ve probably been restricted from going into Limmasol so they don’t get into fights with the resident moskali mafia too.

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