Vladimir Putin has once again touched upon the Jewish roots of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and accused him of covering up the “neo-Nazi regime.” 

This time he accused the “Western curators” of “appointing” Volodymyr Zelensky as the head of modern Ukraine to cover up the crimes of the neo-Nazis – descendants of the Ukrainians who allegedly exterminated one and a half million Ukrainian Jews during the Holocaust.

At the same time, the russian president referred to the alleged comments by “ordinary citizens of Israel” who discuss this on the Internet.

In this regard, we consider it necessary to state the following:

First of all.

Volodymyr Zelensky is a legitimate and democratically elected President by the majority of the Ukrainian citizens. It was the Ukrainian people who made this choice, and not the “Western curators”, as Putin claims. Different to russia, Ukraine is a democratic state where presidents are not “appointed” for life.

The fact that an ethnic Jew is at the head of the state only gives the Jewish community of Ukraine an additional reason to be proud.


Ukrainian neo-Nazism is an absolute myth invented by the russian propaganda. The Ukrainian Jewish community has never in modern history developed and flourished as it did in independent Ukraine. The peak of this development was just at the beginning of 2022.


The citizens of Israel take a sincere pro-Ukrainian stance. Numerous opinion polls show consistently high support among Israelis for Ukraine at around 80%.

During russian shelling in Ukraine, Jews are also killed.

Many ethnic Jews from Ukraine and Israel are fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian armed forces today.


During the Holocaust, it was the Nazis who initiated and carried out the “final solution to the Jewish question”. 

As for the Ukrainian collaborators, there were collaborators in all European countries during World War II. At the same time, the majority of collaborators in the Soviet Union had russian ethnicity. According to some data, up to 500,000 russians collaborated with the Wehrmacht.

One last thing.

Ukraine ranks fourth in the world in the number of Righteous Among the Nations – non-Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust. According to Yad Vashem, 2,691 Ukrainians have been awarded this honorary title. According to the Ukrainian researchers, the number of Righteous Ukrainians can exceed 10 thousand. They saved tens of thousands Jewish lives.

The Jewish Confederation of Ukraine categorically rejects all accusations made by Vladimir Putin against the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people. We consider this to be yet another attempt by the aggressor country to use neo-Nazi narratives to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Boris Lozhkin

Chief Rabbi of Kyiv and Ukraine

Yaakov Dov Bleich

Director of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

Inna Ioffe


  1. It’s a good statement. But I think they should have taken the opportunity to raise the issue of the 1932-33 planned, systematic genocide of Ukrainians known as the Holodomor; death by starvation.
    Can you imagine what it’s like to die that way? Days of absolute agony followed by coma and death.
    Instead of informing the world, communist/imperial Russia deliberately suppressed the story, using useful idiots like The New York Times to back up their lies.
    The notorious “journalist” and sex pervert Walter Duranty won his Pulitzer for his “work.”
    Starving people to death is every bit as evil and nazi as Hitler.
    The young Welshman who eventually exposed this horror; Gareth Jones, was murdered by Russian goons.
    No one knows the exact figures, but it’s thought that 4-6m Ukrainians were murdered in this way.

    • The farm-owners that Russia went after were known as “kulaks”; an anti-Semitic slur meaning “tight-fisted.”
      In the early 20’s, Lenin initiated the first Holodomor, in which he received daily reports: he laughed at “kulaks” being strung up on their own trees.
      After the 1932-33 Holodomor, Ukraine lost another 7 million people between 1942-45, including over 5m civilians. 16.3% of the population.
      Now Ukraine faces genocide again.
      Isn’t it time the world said “enough is enough?”

  2. “The citizens of Israel take a sincere pro-Ukrainian stance. Numerous opinion polls show consistently high support among Israelis for Ukraine at around 80%.”

    Perhaps the Confederation should tell the Israeli leaders to get off their asses, put their cowardice away and back the Ukrainians with the help we need.

    • Firstly, Netanyahu is an asshole. Secondly he has no integrity. Thirdly he and his wife are ill-mannered, self-important turds.
      Here’s what happened when he last came to Kyiv:

      In June of this year, Kyiv called for the prick to visit again, in light of putler’s previous anti-Semitic lies. :-

      no response.

      It is true that British Jews (and I am sure US Jews too) are pro-Ukraine. And the Israeli polls show a strong pro-Ukraine lobby there too.

      Putler describes Israel as a “Russian-speaking country.” And we all know what that means.

      So many Soviet Jews emigrated to Israel; no questions asked, that ordinary Russians saw an opportunity for a huge scam. Most Russians in Israel are not Jews! They skanked their way in with fake family histories knocked off by criminals.

      Now Netanyahu is shit scared of Russia. Prior to winning his latest election he said ; “if I win, I will be looking into what help we can provide for Ukraine.”

      I think a phone call from putler threatening to set his junkyard dog; Syria, onto him convinced him to back down.

      As the only elected Jewish leader in the world outside Israel, Zel has every reason to be extremely angry with Netanyahu.

      Ukrainians will not forget Israeli treachery for a very long time. Especially as Kyiv is the birthplace of Golda Meir.

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