Russia win in Slovakia elections? PM frontrunner Fico “Won’t supply deadly weapons to Ukraine”. (video)


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  1. Pundits have been predicting this turd to win for many months.
    If he succeeds, then it will be because of either kremprop or Slovaks being cunts like putinaZis.
    I think it’s the former.
    It’s a microcosm of what comes next year in the US. Will the majority of Americans actually vote for genocide enablers? Surely unimaginable? God willing.

    • Unfortunately and frighteningly so that some in “leadership” instead of celebrating the right to vote, several in multiple states have done their best to repress if not stymie voting. There are a few cases being litigated and resolved as I type this. Still does little to ease my mind as to the future of the USA and the course of this nation at home and abroad.

      • The United States is financially and morally bankrupt. Egoism is the new culture at the moment. Additionally we are infiltrated by ruSSian and chinese bots allover our media. America today is a joke. Add Trudeau’s Canada to that list. White America had been shaken by Bill Clinton and Obama beyond rational. Many lost all confidence in our polititians and Putin’s Trump did catch the angry white population with radical populism and conspiracy theories. No idea how this will end, but ruling against an ethnic majority is very unwise. Did not work in South Africa and will not work in the United States either.

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