Musk ordered Starlink shutdown to thwart Ukrainian attack on Crimea – CNN

Ekaterina Girnyk16:24, 07.09.23

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It is noted that Musk’s decision was caused by an acute fear that Russia would respond to Ukraine’s attack on Crimea with nuclear weapons.

Last year, Elon Musk secretly shut down Starlink off the coast of Crimea to thwart a Ukrainian underwater drone attack on the Russian navy. Walter Isaacson writes about this in his new biography of Musk, CNN reports .

It is noted that when Ukrainian underwater drones loaded with explosives approached the Russian fleet, they “lost contact and washed ashore harmlessly.”

“Musk’s decision, which left Ukrainian officials begging him to turn the satellites back on, was driven by acute fear that Russia would respond to Ukraine’s attack on Crimea with nuclear weapons, a fear fueled by Musk’s conversations with senior Russian officials,” Isaacson writes.

As CNN notes, the episode reveals the unique position Musk found himself in as the war in Ukraine unfolded. Intentionally or not, he became a power broker that American officials could not ignore.

“Starlink wasn’t designed to be used in wars. It was made so people could watch Netflix, relax, connect to the Internet at school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes,” Musk said.

The publication also writes that Musk was asked to restore the Starlink connection by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Fedorov.

“I just want you, a person who is changing the world through technology, to know this,” the minister wrote to Musk.

At the same time, Musk replied that he was impressed by the design of underwater drones, but he would not turn on Starlink communications again because Ukraine “is now going too far and could suffer a strategic defeat.”

Starlink in Ukraine

Elon Musk’s SpaceX provided Ukraine with access to Starlink satellite communications immediately after the full-scale invasion – the first  terminals were activated  on February 26, 2022.

In September,  SpaceX approached the Pentagon  with a request to finance the future operation of terminals in Ukraine. The billionaire himself, explaining this appeal, noted that he has to spend money not only on ensuring uninterrupted communications, but also on  cyber protection from Russian hackers who are constantly trying to hack the system .

Previously, Elon Musk admitted that  he was very afraid of an escalation of the conflict , which could lead to the use of nuclear weapons by Russia and the outbreak of World War III.

Ukraine has recently successfully used naval underwater drones to attack the Russian Federation. Thus, with their help,  the Crimean Bridge , the Russian landing ship “Olenegorsky Miner” and the SIG tanker were attacked.

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  1. The attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet, failed because at that moment Musk stopped Starlink. The drones he gave to Russia.

  2. so if I understand he prevented the destruction of ships which since had to send volumes of missiles on civilians, infrastructures, on wheat… and he does not feel responsible for anything he was just afraid and as he knows that he is brilliant, that he has innate skills in the conduct of a war and that he is up to a head of state, he allowed himself to choose for others as if it were pions…

    and if ever tomorrow he was afraid of another confrontation (USA-China for example) he still intends to do as he pleases? the new lords, they live on state subsidies, they are not elected, they have moods and impunity. his error of judgment which has consequences he intends to make a gesture?
    the higher you go in the social hierarchy, the more you believe that you owe your success to yourself and the more you believe that you will always be able to get by…

  3. I hope that this is a valuable lesson to the Pentagon. It’s beyond me that our military doesn’t have such a system. What in the hell are we paying so much money for to a military that can’t even assure secure internet and navigation, and must rely on a fascist asshole like Musk?

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