In occupied Oleshki, a car with FSB officers who tortured Ukrainians was blown up (video)

Oleg Davygora19:54, 09/07/23

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According to media reports, the SBU had a hand in the “bavovna”.

In temporarily occupied Oleshki in the Kherson region, a car carrying two Russian FSB employees and military personnel was blown up.

As the UP reports , citing sources in the SBU, as a result of the explosion, one FSB employee died on the spot, the other died in intensive care in serious condition. Three Russian soldiers who accompanied the car were wounded.

It is reported that the bombed FSB officers “worked” in temporarily occupied Skadovsk, and visited Oleshki for filtration activities “and at the same time, to torture Ukrainians.”

A car containing FSB officers and military personnel was blown up in Oleshki

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