Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry reacts to Putin’s remarks about Zelenskyy’s Jewish origin


Ukraine's Foreign Ministry reacts to Putin's remarks about Zelenskyy's Jewish origin


Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin is obsessed with the Ukrainian president’s ethnic origin, and that this is indicative of his “deep-rooted antisemitism”.

Source: Oleh Nikolenko, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, on Facebook

Details: The diplomat was commenting on remarks Putin made on 5 September, in which he linked Zelenskyy’s Jewish origin with the glorification of Nazism.

Quote from Nikolenko: “Putin’s maniacal obsession with the Ukrainian president’s ethnic origin is another manifestation of the deep-rooted antisemitism of the Russian elite.

We call on the world to strongly condemn the Russian president’s antisemitic statements. In the modern world, there should be no place for hatred on ethnic grounds.”

Previously: On 5 September, in a comment to a journalist from the Kremlin-aligned TV channel VGTRK, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “Western handlers had put an ethnic Jew in charge of modern Ukraine” to “cover up the anti-human nature” of Ukraine.

“This makes the situation utterly repugnant: that an ethnic Jew is covering up the glorification of Nazism and of those who once presided over the Holocaust in Ukraine,” the Russian dictator added.

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  1. The time is long overdue for the Biden administration to officially state that putler runs a nazi regime that despicably accuses the victims of its naziism of being Nazis.

  2. Denis Zelenko on LinkedIn:

    “Frightening, 77% of the Republican Party is backing candidates who are openly skeptical about continuing to arm Ukraine.”

    • Im not sure about the percentages but it is frightening and frankly unbelievable that there is any percentage that backs these idiots.

      • The percentage is derived from adding up the Trump, Ram-Ass-Wamy and DeSantis polling.
        In other words, current voting intentions.

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