The Russians hit the central market of Konstantinovka: 16 victims and many wounded (photo, video)

Ekaterina Prisyazhnyuk16:54, 09/06/23

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Opponents hit the city from the S-300, the journalists found out.

Konstantinovka (Donetsk region) on Wednesday, September 6, was under enemy attack. President Volodymyr Zelensky has already named the number of victims.

Russian invaders hit the central market, according to local reports, there are casualties and wounded, writes RBC-Ukraine in Telegram. “Locals report that there are wounded and dead as a result of the attack. According to the military, the invaders struck with the S-300 system,” the channel notes.

The military of the Russian Federation fired at the center of Konstantinovka, a fire broke out on the spot, the correspondent of “Suspilna Donbas” reported. “It is preliminary known about 16 dead,” – said the correspondent of “Radio Liberty” from the scene.

Later, Zelensky said that 16 people were killed as a result of an enemy strike. “Currently, Russian terrorist artillery has killed 16 people in the city of Konstantinovka, Donetsk region. Ordinary market. Shops. Pharmacy. People who did nothing wrong. Many wounded. Unfortunately, the number of dead and injured may still increase. My condolences to everyone who I lost my relatives! We need to defeat this Russian evil as soon as possible,” the Ukrainian leader said.

Кровавый российский обстрел КонстантиновкиBloody Russian shelling of Konstantinovka

The President added that when someone in the world is still trying to deal with something Russian, this means turning a blind eye to reality, the arrogance of evil, the audacity of meanness. 

Prime Minister Denys Shmygal shared that at least 20 victims are known. “As a result of the shelling of the market, 16 people are already dead, including one child. At least 20 people were injured. My sincere condolences to the families and loved ones. All services are working. The fire is contained. We are helping the victims,” ​​he wrote on his channel in the messenger.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Igor Klymenko wrote that 44 people were injured – there are 16 dead and 28 injured. Among the victims there is a rescuer. The official added that about 30 trade pavilions were damaged, emergency workers quickly extinguished the fire on an area of ​​300 square meters.













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“The State Emergency Service and the police are conducting a search and rescue operation. The rubble is being cleared. Police paramedics and doctors are providing medical assistance to the injured,” the minister stressed.

Новые видео с обстрелянной оккупантами КонстантиновкиNew videos from Konstantinovka shelled by invaders

Later, the Office of the Prosecutor General reported that 31 people were injured as a result of the crooked shelling from the enemy. “According to preliminary data, 20 shops, power lines, an administrative building and the fifth floor of a residential building were damaged. Cars and eight shopping facilities were burned to the ground. A search and rescue operation is currently ongoing. There are still people under the rubble,” the department stressed.

The crime of the Russians is qualified under Article Part 2 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code – violation of the laws and customs of war.

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  1. Seems the invaders are shifting to the tactics they used in Syria now. With our fuck up leaders and presidential candidates Putin can feel safe so far.

    • They have been using those tactics since day 1, and our useless leaders still haven’t declared russia a terrorist state.

  2. Despicable criminals!
    But, Ukraine cannot attack mafia land with our weapons. Makes me pissed off every time.

    • A Canadian journalist brought it to the point: “Ukraine needs weapons to push back the ruSSians which Ukraine currently does not have.”

      • If only the collection of cowards would help Ukraine to build its own. It’s doing so right now – like the Neptunes and various drones – but are they enough and their effectiveness good enough?

  3. The lack of reaction from world leaders only shows one thing.

    The Ukrainian genocide and the crimes of the Orcs will be settled in a dark alley, out of sight, by a few elites promoting their club diplomacy.

    Realize. London decided today to classify Wagner as a terrorist organization! Finally…
    But it is the Nazis in the Kremlin who are primarily responsible for all these crimes.
    Failing to arm Ukraine properly, could we not make progress on this judicial aspect!?
    The white marbles of the Kremlin are plastered with Ukrainian blood.

    We can be ashamed of not doing more. Because we can, we must do more.

    My thoughts and prayers to the people of Ukraine.


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