NYT: AFU Break Through Russia’s Second Line Of Defence To Set Course For Strategic City

Ukrainian Army expands bridgehead for armoured vehicle dash.


In recent days, the Ukrainian army has been fighting east of Robotyne, near Verbove, in an attempt to break through the second line of defence of Putin’s army.

This is reported by the New York Times, citing military analysts from the Black Bird Group.

The analysts base their predictions on satellite imagery and open-source information.

Oleksandr Shtupun, the spokesman for the Tavrichesky Defence Force, said that the rebels have a large system of trenches and dugouts connected by mazes and passages in the Verbove area.

According to him, the defensive line is not as strong as the first, but there are minefields there too.

Military analysts do not rule out the possibility that the enemy has decided to strengthen its defensive line by using reserves transferred from other parts of the front.

The main goal of the AFU’s offensive on Verbove is to expand the bridgehead. Advancing along a narrow corridor makes vulnerable not only Ukrainian infantry, but also military equipment.

A wide bridgehead will allow more armoured vehicles and AFU fighters to be transferred to this section of the front.

The strategic objective in this section of the front is Tokmak, 24 kilometres from Robotyne. To achieve this, the Ukrainian defenders must not only liberate Verbove, but also overcome another defensive line of the Russian army.


  1. Good job!

    Maybe it’s time to think about creating a cauldron … or better, a roach motel. This would give us an opportunity to wipe out a large cockroach force with minimum effort.

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