Dozens of people disappear weekly in Russian torture chambers in occupied Mariupol – Andryushchenko

Katerina Chernovol21:32, 09/06/23

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No one knows even an approximate list and the exact number of people who were arrested, Andryushchenko stressed.

In tortured Russians in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, people continue to disappear – every week there are from 50 to 100 such cases, said the adviser to the mayor of the city, Petr Andriyushchenko. 

As he noted on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel , in general, as of now, during various kinds of filtration measures in the city, the invaders arrested more than 10 thousand civilians of Mariupol.

“As a result, it is worth understanding that this cannot happen irresponsibly, and the Mariupol reaction, including such a reaction of retaliation and a reaction of struggle. Because, unfortunately, there is no other way, except for the military one, for the return and de-occupation of Mariupol, at least on the horizon We don’t see it,” he said.

Andriushchenko added that the relatives of people who disappear in the torture chambers set up by the occupiers in Mariupol are practically unable to find them. The reality in the occupied territories is such that people who are looking for the missing may be next. 

“If we talk about relatives who are directly in the occupied territory, everyone is well aware of the sad truth that if you start actively looking for people who disappeared after arrest, after filtering, then you actually become the next one. How to find them in another way – this question is for we, unfortunately, remain unanswered, because if there is at least some kind of system and lists regarding Ukrainian prisoners of war, then it happens in such a way that, in principle, no one knows even an approximate list and the exact number of people who were arrested. At what stage, where they can be,” he explained. 

According to Andryushchenko, a year ago, the missing residents of Mariupol were, in particular, on the territory of Yelenovka, in Donetsk and Makeevka in various former colonies in the occupied territories. However, now they are not kept with prisoners of war or in the occupied Donetsk region. 

“They are being held somewhere on the territory of the Russian Federation, but this, accordingly, makes it difficult to search for them and find ends – what should we start from in order to start looking for them. Unfortunately, most likely, only after the victory and de-occupation, the defeat of Russia, we will be able to find and return home all their citizens,” the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol emphasized. 

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  2. Meanwhile in the useless, helpless and corrupt UN, they are still looking for evidence of Moskali war crimes….since 2014. All the Moskali have to say is, “you cannot come” and the UN says, “Oh, ok, thank you.”

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