Direct NATO Involvement in Ukraine is Critical to European Security

David DeBatto

*Until further notice, all my efforts are connected to helping ensure total victory of Ukraine over Russia.* Geopolitical Analyst and Consultant. Retired U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent NCO.

Sept 5

It’s way past time to utter these taboo words: NATO forces must be directly committed to the war in Ukraine. There, I said that which must not be said.

I just read an article about the latest Russian attack on a Ukrainian port on the Danube River right next to the border with Romania. Pieces of shrapnel may have actually entered Romanian territory.

Russian and Belarusian forces are building up their strength on the Ukrainian borders with Poland and Belarus. The new Satan-II ballistic missile has just been activated and put into service.

Russia is undergoing it’s biggest militarization of the country since WWII. Ukraine, a fledging democracy and candidate for membership in NATO and the EU is being obliterated, its children kidnapped, its women and children raped and murdered, its churches and cultural institutions destroyed, its economy strangled, its infrastructure bombed repeatedly, its farms flooded and mined, its ports attacked and blockaded, and its very existence hangs in the balance by a megalomaniacal dictator who plans on wiping Ukraine and it’s people off the face of the earth.

A dictator whose not so secret plan is to rebuild the Russian Empire starting with seizing the nations of the former Soviet Union.

And NATO does nothing, cowed by the Kremlin’s repeated, but hollow threats of nuclear attack. This cowardice feeds directly into Putin’s bully-like persona of sensing fear and attacking.

No, direct NATO involvement will not lead to WWIII. It will however, end this senseless war of genocide, and it might just possibly even lead to the collapse of the Russian state.

Russian forces would in a short order be utterly defeated on the battlefield by NATO and withdraw from Ukraine.

No sane military strategist would offer any other outcome. But if NATO does not directly intervene, it will have proven it’s failure to live up to its original purpose: to protect Europe, ALL of Europe from Russian aggression.

If that is the case, then I question its future relevance. Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that is exactly what will happen on the part of NATO. Nothing.

I pray I am proven wrong.

David DeBatto

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  1. That would be very welcome.
    But … that’s NOT going to happen. NATO doesn’t have the right kind of leaders for such a move. The jellyfish are perfectly happy hiding behind the Ukrainian shield.

    • I can’t say for certain, but I think that Ron Reagan would have looked at that terrible video from Kostiantynivka and been disgusted enough to call his military chiefs and say something like :
      “Gentlemen, we know that condemning this horror or issuing some kind of warning will have zero affect on this dictator, therefore I want you to prepare for some devastating strikes on occupier positions to level up the playing field.
      Any proposal must be designed to severely degrade the occupiers.”

      • This goes to show you what a single person can do … or not do. I don’t even want to think about the unnecessary deaths in Ukraine just because of the rotten “leaders” that we have. Not saying that any deaths are necessary…

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