Ukraine mortar squad initiates ‘gift for the Russians’ (video)


Three Ukrainian soldiers draw back the sliding roof of their dugout near the frontline, quickly launch several mortar bombs and shout: “Presents for the Russians!”

To avoid revealing their position, they rapidly replace the makeshift roof – consisting of branches and leaves covering material stretched over a metal frame – and take cover.

It’s a routine they repeat frequently as Ukraine’s Army tries to battle through vast Russian minefields and heavily fortified trenches in the Southern region of Zaporizhzhia.

Kyiv says it’s troops are gradually pushing back Russian forces in the South after 18 months of occupation, but that fighting is heavy three months into the counter-offensive.

The mortar position is part of a maze of trenches and dugouts with wooden walls and underground living quarters.

The living quarters have lighting, wi-fi and wooden beds, shelves and furniture. In the kitchen area, a frying pan hangs on a wall and other cooking equipment lies on the shelves. Rifles hang in a wall in another area.

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