Russians launch drones in southern regions and intensify tactical aircraft operations

The Russian invaders have launched several groups of attack drones from occupied Crimea towards the southern regions of Ukraine, and Russian tactical aircraft operations were also observed on the southeastern and eastern fronts.

Source: The Ukrainian Air Force on Telegram

Quote: “The launch of several groups of attack UAVs by the enemy was observed from the area of the Chauda training ground (Crimea) and Primorsko-Akhtarsk (Russian Federation) towards the southern regions.”

Details: Reportedly, there is a possibility that air raid sirens may be activated in the areas targeted by the attack UAVs.

The Russians are also intensifying tactical aircraft operations on the southeastern and eastern fronts. “There is a risk that airborne weapons may be used. Proceed to the shelter in the event of an air raid siren,” the Air Force warned.

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