Moscow: the car of the general director of the design bureau for GPS and GLONASS, was burned.


In Moscow, on the night of September 5, unidentified people set fire to a Toyota Land Cruiser in a closed parking lot. The car burned to the ground, and nearby cars were also damaged by fire.

The burned car belonged to the general director of the Navis design bureau, which produces equipment for GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO and their functional additions and works for the Russian Defense Ministry. Details, as well as a video from the scene, were published by the Russian Telegram channel Shot.

Public writes that the car of the chief designer of GLONASS burned down in a closed parking lot in the Strogino district in Moscow on the night of September 5. It was set on fire at about 2 am.

“Two unknown people set fire to Valery Babakov’s Toyota Land Cruiser and fled the scene – they could not open the closed parking door and jumped over the fence. The fire spread to Mazda and BMW standing nearby, they were damaged,” the message says.

Emergency services arrived at the scene and put out the fire. Little is left of the car after that.

According to the public, the burnt Toyota Land Cruiser belonged to the general director of the Navis design bureau, Valery Babakov. The company he heads specializes in the production of equipment for GLONASS, GPS, GALILEO navigation systems and their functional add-ons.

In Moscow, the car of the general director of the design bureau, working on equipment for GPS and GLONASS, was burned.  Video

“Babakov previously led the work on the creation of the first devices in the USSR using signals from the Cicada, Parus and Transit satellite systems, and is the designer of the NAP GLONASS,” the message noted.

Design Bureau “Navis” headed by Babakov positions itself as a manufacturer of goods for civilian consumption. However, RUSI experts stated back in 2022 that this enterprise produces critical technologies for the state missile production program and works closely with the Russian government and the occupying army.

KB “Navis”, in particular, is engaged in the creation of technologies using GLONASS and GPS signals, including navigation equipment for marine, aviation and other areas.

Thus, this enterprise produces SN-99 navigation equipment for Russian cruise missiles 9M727 (Iskander complex) and Kh-101 (long-range strategic air-to-ground missile), as well as navigation systems for Russian drones .

It also supplies the Russian army with BRIZ-KM-I navigation systems. This type of device is widely used by the Russian occupation forces and especially intelligence officers to accurately determine their own location and estimate coordinates for accurate artillery and air strikes on the location of the enemy.

And the products of KB “Navis” with a high degree of probability became a component of Russia’s preparations for the invasion of Ukraine. Only in 2019, 72.6% of the company’s contracts were contracts with the RF Ministry of Defense. In total, Navis received about 3.5 billion rubles from the Russian defense department that year, which was equivalent to $55 million.

Recall that on September 1, after a drone attack near Moscow, a workshop for the production of electronics for missiles caught fire . During the fire, according to some reports, components for Caliber, with which the Russian Federation regularly attacks Ukraine, could burn out.

On that day, due to an UAV attack at Moscow’s Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports, the Carpet plan was once again announced, delaying departures and arrivals.

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