In the “LPR” they blew up the head of the Customs Office: Russia has found a “scapegoat”

Veronika Prokhorenko14:14, 09/05/23

2 minutes.1931

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation announced suspicion to a resident of the Lugansk region.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation suspects a resident of the Luhansk region of organizing an explosion in the house of the top general of the “LNR” Yuri Afanasevsky.

She was detained and the first “confessions” about an assassination attempt on a collaborator are being knocked out, writes the propaganda publication ” RIA Novosti “. 

“The woman who arranged the assassination was detained and confessed,” the Investigative Committee confirmed.

It is noted that on September 3, the suspect handed over to Afanasievsky a phone that contained explosives. She detonated after activating the device, according to the media. 

“The man and his son were injured, now they are in the hospital, nothing threatens their lives,” the message says.

The assassination attempt on Afanasevsky – the main details of the incident

Recall that information about the assassination attempt on Yuri Afanasyevsky appeared at UNIAN on the morning of September 5. According to our sources, they tried to undermine the “head” of the “LPR” customs service in his own house.

According to preliminary data, the Security Service of Ukraine was involved in the special operation against the collaborator. The source also recalled that at one time Afanasevsky “became famous” for becoming the “financier” of the head of the “LNR” Leonid Pasechnik.

Shortly before this incident, Ukrainian partisans also blew up the OMON headquarters in the temporarily occupied Energodar . Activities to eliminate Russian occupiers and collaborators continue.

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