Foreign Minister explains why Ukraine cannot conduct peace talks with Putin

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has said that Kyiv cannot conduct peace talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin because he cannot be trusted.

Source: European Pravda, citing Kuleba‘s interview with NHK

Details: He said that Putin cannot be trusted, because even if he gives you his word, there is no guarantee that he keeps it.

“He is not a person with whom you can seriously negotiate something. If you think that you have successfully agreed with him, then you are putting yourself in danger of being attacked by him,” Kuleba said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister believes that the more successful Ukraine is on the battlefield, the more Russia will be ready for negotiations, but he does not see a possibility for negotiations with the Russian Federation in the near future.

“If we want to exist as a nation, if we want to survive, we must win, no matter the cost,” Kuleba is convinced.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also expressed disappointment with recent criticism from Western countries that Ukraine’s offensive does not meet some people’s expectations.

He added that anyone who sits in a chair and comments on the pace of the offensive should not tell the Ukrainian soldiers that they are too slow, because they are dying in this struggle and deserve full respect.


  • Earlier, Kuleba said that the war started by Russia cannot be stopped by sitting down at the negotiating table.
  • Before that, the Foreign Minister said that Ukraine’s partners know the real situation with counteroffensive actions and claims about their allegedly slow pace of discouraging Ukrainian servicemen.
  • In addition, the Foreign Minister advised critics of the “slow” counteroffensive to “shut up” and go to the front in Ukraine themselves.

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  1. Another reason is the Putinazis believe showing honor is a sign of weakness. Just like telling the truth is not interesting for them. We are not talking about humans here, we are talking about russo-nazis. They only understand violence.

    • It is certainly impossible to talk with genocidal Nazis who accuse their victims of what they themselves are doing.
      The sepulchral evil of the putler regime is uniquely vile, yet the Argentinian liar who leads 1.5 bn people actually supports the horror and is a personal friend of his RuZZian counterpart : the property-investing tobacco baron and nazi “Kirill” ; AKA Mikhail Gundyaev.

  2. After all that’s happened, and not only in this brutal, savage war, but even years before this, with broken agreements and assassinations of Russian opposition across Europe, it baffles the sane mind to know that there are still individuals who think that negotiations are viable means to achieve a lasting peace with the varmint in the kremlin.
    The only thing that will bring lasting peace is to hand every fascist creature in the shithole a death sentence and to execute them … preferably in a slow and painful way.

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