First Challenger 2 Confirmed Destroyed (video commentary)


First Challenger 2 confirmed destroyed — North of Robotyne, likely hit by artillery.

Source: Suchomimus


  1. That’s war. Nato-tanks aren’t indestructible, neither. Considering the high intensity of this war, one of 28 Challengers destroyed after several months of deployment is a good result, though. Kudos to the Brits, that’s a solid tank, in the best tradition of famous Churchills and Centurions.

      • The Deep State map looks interesting today. I hope Putler looks at it, might give him thoughts about this “failed” counteroffensive of Ukraine’s.

  2. so for The Guardian all over the world it’s 14 challenger2.

    as I know some who easily say that the others give nothing and that it is thanks to Boris Johnson’s team that the Ukrainians will win the war, that the pounding eaters with beans boiled in sheep bladders arrive with lots of love to give and plenty of business to take – frankly usually I have nothing against the fog of war… but now when we send a hammer to saw down an entire forest I say no! 😀 😉

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