Engineering equipment and millions of rounds of ammunition: Germany will give Ukraine a new package of weapons

Yuri Kobzar22:18, 09/05/23

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Deliveries occur both at the expense of the stocks of the Bundeswehr, and directly from the assembly line.

Germany has announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine . According to the Chancellery of the German Government , we are talking about the supply of ammunition and military equipment, in particular engineering.

It is noted that the new package is part of a large support program that Germany provides to Ukraine. It includes supplies from the stocks of the German army and directly from industry.

In particular, additionally will be delivered:

  • 10 thousand shells for Gepard anti-aircraft installations;
  • armored bridgelayer Beaver;
  • 4 vehicles for border protection;
  • 20 thousand goggles for soldiers;
  • 4 heavy tractors with trailers for transporting tanks;
  • 32 Zetros trucks;
  • over 8.5 million small arms cartridges;
  • 27 thousand 40-mm mortar shells.

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  1. Not an especially impressive delivery, I know, but ammo’s important, too. Germany stands reliably on Ukraine’s side and will keep up the supplies. Please note: “Ukraine can expect delivery of another Iris-T system soon, which has been completed by Diehl.” (“Ukraine könne schon bald mit einem weiteren Iris-T-System rechnen, dieses stehe fertig montiert bei Diehl”, Spiegel, yesterday)

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