Albanian Prime Minister told a joke about Putin and Prigozhin (video)

Angela Bachevskaya 00:44, 09/05/23

The joke caused laughter from those present.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told an anecdote in which he hinted at Putin’s involvement in the murder of the leader of the Wagner private military company Yevgeny Prigozhin .

At the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia, he asked the forum participants if they knew that Russia wants to unify its time zones due to the large difference between the two ends of its territories. After that, he told an anecdote that caused a fit of laughter in those present.

“The prime minister goes to Putin and says, ‘There’s a problem. My family was on vacation, I called them to say good night, but it was already morning. I called Olaf Scholz to wish him a happy birthday, but he said it would be the next day. I called Xi Jinping to wish him a Happy New Year, but he told me that they are still having an old year.” And Putin replies: “Yes, this happened to me too. I called Prigozhin’s family to express my condolences, but his plane had not yet taken off,” Rama said.

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  1. Superb.

    Its always heartwarming to hear other cultures tell jokes that transcend language barriers!

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