67 damaged kindergartens restored in Kyiv region


05.09.2023 15:47

Currently, 67 out of 86 damaged kindergartens have been restored in the Kyiv region.

The press service of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration reported this on Telegram, according to Ukrinform.

“During the occupation of the Kyiv region, a total of 86 preschool education institutions were damaged. So far, 67 kindergartens have been restored,” the statement said.

One of them is the Havrylivka pre-school No. 10 ‘Veselka’ in the Bucha community. Today it is attended by 190 children. In addition, inclusive education is organized in the kindergarten.

It is noted that during the active hostilities, the institution was significantly damaged: windows and doors were smashed, the roof, facade, interior walls and plumbing were partially destroyed, the power grid was out of order, playgrounds and asphalt paths were damaged.

The building’s facade and roof were overhauled, windows and exterior doors were replaced, and plumbing and electrical systems were partially replaced. Kitchen equipment and utensils were updated. The shelter was also partially restored.

The restoration work was carried out thanks to the financial support of an international charitable organization and funds allocated from the local budget.

As reported by Ukrinform, 187 educational institutions that were destroyed by the Russian invaders have already been restored in the Kyiv region.


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  1. Great, but 86 damaged or destroyed kindergartens in a single city is still way too much. And can’t be a coincidence. Obvious war crimes!

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