Ukraine’s Armed Forces will use SAKER SCOUT drones with AI



The Armed Forces of Ukraine will use the SAKER SCOUT drone with artificial intelligence, as the Ministry of Defence has approved the UAV for operation.

Source: Defence Ministry 

Quote: “SAKER software, built on artificial intelligence algorithms, will help our troops defeat the enemy more effectively.

The system, with the help of advanced optics, independently recognises and records the coordinates of the enemy’s equipment (even camouflaged), immediately transmitting the information to the command post for making the appropriate decision. This eliminates the risks of human error, as the operator’s eye cannot always catch all the nuances.”

Details: The system includes a flagship reconnaissance drone as well as several FPV-type kamikaze drones, which are adjusted, among other things, by the flagship drone.

The flight range is up to 10 km.


The drone can be equipped with infrared optics for operation at night.

It can also use an inertial guidance system, which increases resistance to electronic warfare systems.

It can be integrated into all situational awareness systems available in the Armed Forces, including the Delta system.


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  1. Very nice.
    This is the start of a new era for drones. AI not only eliminates the risks of human error, but it could operate on its own, thereby making electronic warfare measures ineffective.

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