The pilot who handed over the Mi-8 to Ukraine spoke about the strange order of the commander

Tanya Polyakovskaya22:28, 09/04/23

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The animal was transported by two helicopters.

The Russian pilot who overtook the Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine , Maxim Kuzminov, spoke about the illogical use of aviation in Russia, citing the example of transporting the commander’s cat.

He said this in an interview  for blogger Vladimir Zolkin’s channel, answering a question about cases of illogical use of pilots and aviation. “Our commander needed to transport a cat … He seems to have some kind of thoroughbred there. And two crews were assigned: Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters. Two helicopters transported this magnificent animal, from Rostov, relatively speaking, to Yeysk, Krasnodar Territory That is, the Mi-8 is flying and the Mi-24 is circling, covering,” Kuzminov said.

He added that there were three people on board the helicopters at that time, and the flight took about an hour. “We burned a lot of fuel, equipment resources. Accordingly, the crew is also not always allowed to rest,” Kuzminov said, adding that we are talking about a shortage of pilots.

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  1. Must’ve been a combat cat.
    Corruption in mafia land encompasses far more than can be imagined.

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