“Russian culture has beauty”: Pope Francis explains his statement about Russia’s greatness

Yuri Kobzar19:57, 09/04/23

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The pontiff is justified by the fact that his statement was poorly worded.

Pope Francis considered unsuccessful his recent statement in which he called on Russians to remember the “great and enlightened” empire of Peter the Great and Catherine the Second. In a commentary to journalists, the Pope called those statements poorly worded, writes Reuters .

“I did not mean imperialism when I said this. Perhaps it was not the best way of expression, but speaking of great Russia, I was thinking not so much geographically as culturally,” Francis justified.

According to the pontiff, his scandalous comment was an unprepared speech, and the words about Peter and Catherine came to his mind because he studied the history of Russia at school.

“Russian culture has such beauty, such depth. It cannot be canceled because of political problems. There were dark political years in Russia, but there is a legacy available to everyone,” he said.

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  1. Translation – Oh fuck, I’ve fucked up and pissed off too many people, how can I worm my way out.

  2. “Russian culture has such beauty, such depth.”

    Now we know this nazi lover is bullshitting. The only culture coming out of mafia land, is rape, murder, theft and destruction.

  3. Francis is a fuckin asshole like many western leaders. What is it? Is there some shit in the water that these assholes are drinking.

  4. For heaven’s sake, the pope really needs a communications advicer:
    “There were dark political years in Russia, but there is a legacy available to everyone,”
    Why “were”? What’s Putin’s regime, then, a highlight of Russian culture? Damn, why can’t that guy talk straight? He should clearly say: ‘If you’re following Putin and Kyrill, you’re supporting the antichrist. That way leads straight to hell!’ 🔥👿🔥

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