Only Scholz blocks supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine – Head of the Bundestag Defense Committee

04.09.2023 15:16

The head of the Bundestag Defense Committee, Marie-Agnes Straka-Zimmermann, claims that the issue of transferring German Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine is being personally blocked by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The politician wrote about this on social network X (Twitter), Ukrinform reported.

“At the moment” he doesn’t want to deliver Taurus . “But at the moment” the people in the Ukraine continue to die. What is the Сhancellor waiting for in God’s name? He alone blocks this decision within the coalition. That’s irresponsible”, Straka-Zimmermann wrote.

As reported, the politician from the Free Democratic Party of Germany (part of the ruling coalition) is an active supporter of increasing military aid to Ukraine and is not the first to criticize the chancellor for hesitation.

For several months now, Kyiv has been asking Germany to provide the Ukrainian army with Taurus cruise missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers. The official reason for the delay is fears that these weapons will be used against targets in Russia.



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