Erdogan failed to convince Putin to return to the grain agreement

Katerina Chernovol17:56, 09/04/23

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To resume grain exports from Ukraine, the Kremlin requires the fulfillment of previously set conditions.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, failed to convince the Kremlin to return to the grain deal that Russia thwarted in July. 

This was stated by the Russian dictator at a press conference after the meeting. According to Putin, in order for the Russian Federation to return to the grain agreement, under which Ukraine exported grain across the Black Sea, the Kremlin requires that the conditions set earlier be met.

“Russia will be ready to revive the grain agreement and will do it as soon as all the fixed agreements are fulfilled,” Putin said.

According to the dictator, he is waiting for the lifting of part of the sanctions against the supply of Russian grain and fertilizers to European markets.

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  1. I don’t understand why Erdogan even went there… who gives a shit. I say let’s continue blowing up any Russian flagged vessel or any vessel leaving any Russian port and make sure no one ships anything into Russia via the Black Sea. Make the Black Sea poison for anyone doing business with the Moskali.

    • In other words, and quite childishly, “Since we are under EU sanctions for invading Ukraine, we cannot deliver grains and fertilizer to Europe…so…we will not allow Ukraine to sell grain either.”

      Sounds like something a ten year old would say.

  2. “Ukraine needs to especially soften its approaches in order for it to be possible for joint steps to be taken with Russia,” Erdogan told reporters alongside Vladimir Putin, after the leaders held a meeting in Sochi on Monday. (The Guardian)

    Rats remain rats and live among rats forever. There is nothing to expect from certain countries (China, Iran, Turkey, Orcland, small Orcland…). These people want to continue their mafia ritual and will never abandon the modus operandi of the criminal world. Virtuous circles are unknown and inaccessible to them.

    S.P.E.C.T.R.E ante mortem. Amen.

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