Satellite imagery suggests Russia tries to protect its aircraft with car tires


New satellite imagery suggests Russia is trying to protect its Tu-95 aircraft based at the Engels air base in Saratov Oblast with car tires, according to Tatarigami_UA military blogger. 

The images show that Russian forces covered the wing and central part of the aircraft with tires. 

“Brace yourselves, because russians have once again showcased unparalleled innovation. What you are looking at is a satellite image featuring a TU-95 strategic bomber covered with car tires. According to them, this should protect strategic bombers from drones.”

“This doesn’t seem to be just a single occurrence. In this satellite imagery, it seems the russians are still in the process of fitting tires onto the bomber – a fresh, budget-friendly version of ERA substitute for the russian air force?” the blogger said.

Earlier, a Ukrainian strike on a Russian airfield in the Pskov region destroyed two and damaged up to seven IL-76 planes.

The strike was likely conducted from Russian territory using cardboard drones, hardly visible to radars.


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