Instead of trenches, there is a network of underground passages: National Guardsmen showed how they stormed enemy positions in Zaporozhye.

3.09.2023 – Translated from Ukrainian via Google and OFP

The defenders of Ukraine are storming the positions of the Russian invaders in Zaporozhye in extremely difficult conditions. The territory is heavily mined, and instead of trenches, the invaders dug up a whole network of underground passages.

The corresponding GoPro video of one of the fighters was published on the Combat Footage UA Telegram channel. The footage shows the work of the 15th Brigade of NSU “Kara-Dag”.

Recall, The New York Times reported that in the south of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the counteroffensive use the tactics of small assault groups of 8-10 soldiers. Each of these groups is tasked with attacking trenches, a tree line, or even a house. The campaign to break through the heavily fortified Russian lines continues in many areas and in many forms of fighting.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

– The network showed how the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are training to make assaults in flooded trenches with the support of Swedish CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles. This is exactly how the conditions for the offensive of Ukrainian troops at the front in the fall may be.

– The WSJ explained the plan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Robotino-Verbovoy area. Warriors of the Defense Forces are trying to break through the main line of defense of the Russian Federation in the southeast – they are attacking the positions of the invaders in the area of ​​​​the village of Verbovoye (it is located 14 km from the liberated village of Robotino). Thus, the Ukrainian army plans to “put” critical Russian logistics lines in the Tokmak area within the reach of its artillery.

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  1. I would not feel very cozy in such an underground environment, especially if the enemy is “at the gates”. Such tunnels can be real death traps. A few smoke grenades down one of the holes and the whole tunnel can be smoked out. Or, put a large hose down a hole, with the other end connected to an exhaust pipe and voilà, lots of dead roaches from CO. A simple hand grenade has a deadlier effect in closed spaces, too. And, when a section collapses, you are in very bad shape.
    No sir, I wouldn’t want to be in a tunnel when the enemy is at the entryways.

    “Thus, the Ukrainian army plans to “put” critical Russian logistics lines in the Tokmak area within the reach of its artillery.”

    I think that this may already be the case. There was a powerful explosion in Tokmak just yesterday.

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